About Us

Hello and welcome! My name is Mary, founder and creator of Apothecary Mary. I am a Master Herbalist, also certified in Meditation and Reiki 1 & 2. I am naturally drawn to all things spiritual, including the archangels, prayer, meditation and shiny things like crystals!

As a little girl, I can remember walking barefoot outside, to pick berries, leaves, flowers, and twigs to make my “special potions.” You could also find me rescuing birds, turtles and other little animals that crossed my path. Such fun, silly memories, that I believed have all guided me to my calling in life.

As I got older, I started learning about the healing properties of plants and herbs, starting my own vegetable and herb garden. Following in the footsteps of my nonnas (grandmothers) in Italy and Canada, I began using my own herbs to heal. I am a firm believer that everything we need to heal our bodies and minds is here on earth. Created by God, the beautiful world we live in is no accident. We just have to be open to using the gift we have been given, nature!

Apothecary Mary is a Florida owned, small business specializing in herbal creations from healing teas and tinctures to magical oils and mists. All products are chemical-free, made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Promoting healthy living through the use of herbs and plants. 🌿🪴